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Yellowfin Tuna illustration

Yellowfin Tuna

World Record ~ 388 Lbs. 12 oz. Caught at San Benedicto Island, Mexico on Apr. 1, 1977 by angler Curt Wiesenhutter

Scientific name ~ Thunnus Albacares

Other names ~  Yellowfin Tuna, Yellow fin Tuna, Allison tuna, long fin tunny, longfin, Pacific long-tailed Tuna, ahi, and Tuna

Identification ~  Yellowfin Tuna are metallic dark blue, almost black along the back, while the belly and lower sides are silvery white and crossed by many vertical, interrupted lines. Perhaps most distinctly, a golden stripe runs along the side. The second dorsal and anal fins and finlets are bright yellow, and the finlets are bordered by a narrow band of black. The yellowfin is a large tuna. Its body is strongly fusiform (tapered at both ends, football like) and deepest under its first dorsal fin. Two dorsal fins are present. In adults, the second dorsal fin is very long, as is the anal fin, which is directly below the second dorsal. The pectoral fin is also long, reaching beyond the space between the dorsal fins. The tail is very slender and v shaped. Seven to ten dorsal and ventral finlets are present.

Size ~ Yellowfin Tuna can grow over 6 feet in length and reach weights of over 400 pounds. Most angler caught Yellowfin Tuna are under 100 pounds.

Habitat ~ The Yellowfin Tuna is an epipelagic, oceanic fish, living above and below the thermocline, at temperatures of 65 to 88F. It is generally found in the upper 330 feet of the water column. Yellowfin Tunas are found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters, from latitudes of approximately 40N to 35S.

Feeding Habits ~ The Yellowfin Tuna seem to be opportunistic feeders eating what is available at the time. Fish species consumed by the Yellowfin Tuna include dolphinfish, pilchard, anchovy, flyingfish, mackerel, lancetfish, and other tunas. Other prey items are cuttlefish, squid, octopus, shrimp, lobster, and crabs. 


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