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About JustSportfishing.com

Our mission statement - The mission of JustSportfishing.com is to make available a wide variety of information to the sport fishermen of the world in hopes of being the number one place to go on the web when seeking help in regards to fishing. We also hope to continually promote the sport of fishing.
JustSportfishing.com overview - The information that will be available on JustSportfishing.com will include game fish species information such as habitat, identification, IGFA records, feeding habits, size, location, and drawings of each game fish. There will also be available species specific tackle tips that are helpful for fishermen when targeting a new game fish species. There are also links from each fish species page to the videos corresponding to that game fish. Besides the important information listed above there are detailed instructions on tying fishing knots, tips for your fishing tackle, rods ,reels, boats and boating, and even recipes for cooking your catch. These tips are for the saltwater fisherman, fly fisherman, lake fisherman, fishermen who fish streams and rivers, and any other bodies of water around the world. Trout, Salmon, Bass, Char, and Walleye, are just a few of the many freshwater species listed and Tuna, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Sea Bass, Tarpon, Snook, Permit are just a few of the saltwater species you will find here at Just Sport Fishing.

JustSportfishing.com in the future - Just Sportfishing is currently over 260 pages but we are continually adding unique fishing information and steadily growing with a goal of over 1500 pages of detailed sport fishing information for the fisherman. We want to be viewed by fishermen as the online encyclopedia of fishing and are working hard to be the top fishing website online.

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