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Warsaw Grouper illustration

Warsaw Grouper

World Record ~ 436 Lbs. 12 oz. Caught in the Gulf of Mexico, Destin, FL on Dec. 22, 1985 by angler Steve Haeusler

Scientific name ~ Epinephelus Nigritus

Other names ~ Black Grouper, Mero Negro

Identification ~ Uniformly dark brown or a redish brown. The Warsaw Grouper usually has no distinctive markings but can sometimes have whitish blotches on the sides. The Dorsal fin has 10 spines. The tail fin squared-off. The body is somewhat football shaped.

Size ~ The Warsaw Grouper can reach weights of over 500 pounds and lengths of over 6 feet. Most angler caught Warsaw groupers are 20 pounds or less, but the occasional Warsaw over 100 pounds is caught. The Warsaw Grouper grows slowly and can live for 25 to 30 years.

Habitat ~ The Warsaw Grouper has a wider distribution along the southern United States than the other large grouper, the goliath grouper. Warsaw range from North Carolina to the Florida Keys and throughout much of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to the northern coast of South America. The species inhabits irregular bottom, notches, valleys, and drop-offs, occuring in the continental shelf break in waters 350 to 650 feet deep.

Feeding Habits ~ The Warsaw Grouper has a huge mouth enabling it to engulf prey whole after capturing it. The Warsaw feeds on crabs, lobster, shrimp, and fish.


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