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Wahoo illustration


World Record ~ 158 Lbs 8 oz. Caught at Loreto, Baja Calif., Mexico on June 10, 1996 by angler Keith Winter

Scientific name ~ Acanthocybium Solandri

Other names ~ Barracuda, Oahu fish, ocean Barracuda, Pacific Kingfish, Pride of Bermuda, Tigerfish, Ono, Queenfish

Identification ~ The body is brilliant dark blue or green above, with 24 or more wavy cobalt blue bars (tiger stripes) running vertically along the sides. The belly and lower sides are silver. The Wahoo has a long cigar shaped slender body covered with scales. The head is sharpley pointed and the jaws are elongated to form an almost beak-like snout; the teeth are triangular and finely serrated. The Wahoo has a wide, narrow, and forked tail.

Size ~  Wahoo can reach a length of 7 feet and a weight of 180 pounds. Most angler caught Wahoo fall between 4 and 5 feet and weigh from 10 to 40 pounds.

Habitat ~ The Wahoo is pelagic, usually living in solitary but can be found in small groups of up to 7 fish. They congregate near drifting objects including sargassum and may  be found around wrecks, and deeper reefs. Wahoo move with the changing seasons, traveling into cooler waters during warm summer months. The Wahoo is distributed worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters.

Feeding Habits ~ Wahoo are capable of short bursts of speed of up to 45 mph, allowing them to overcome and capture prey. Although Wahoo are attracted to floating debris, their diet suggests they venture out to forage in open waters. Wahoo feed primarily upon other pelagic fishes, as well as squid. They have been recorded feeding on tunas, little tunny, porcupinefishes, flyingfishes, dolphinfish, jacks, herrings, pilchards, scads, and lanternfishes.


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