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Tiger Shark illustration

Tiger Shark

World Record ~ 1780 Lbs. Caught at Cherry Grove, SC on June 14, 1964 by angler Walter Maxwell

Scientific name ~ Galeocerdo Cuvier

Other names ~ Leopard shark, maneater shark, Spotted shark

Identification ~ Bluish-green to dark gray or black along the back with a yellowish-white to stark white underbelly. Probably the most easy to recognize of the requiem sharks, the tiger gets its name from dark black spots and vertical bars which run the length of the body. The characteristic dark spots and stripes are most prominent in young sharks and fade as the shark matures. The anterior portion of the body is stout but becomes increasingly slender posterior to the abdomen. The tiger shark has a robust head with large eyes and a very blunt snout. The tiger shark has very distinct dentition. The jaws house large teeth with curved cusps and finely serrated edges. Each tooth has a deep notch on the outer margin lined with numerous cusplets.

Size ~ One of the largest sharks, the tiger shark commonly reaches a length of 10-14 ft and weighs over 850-1400 lbs.

Habitat ~ The tiger shark is found throughout the world's temperate and tropical waters, with the exception of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a wide-ranging species that is at home both in the open ocean as well as shallow coastal waters. Shallow areas around large island chains and oceanic islands including lagoons, are also part of the tiger shark's natural environment. It is often seen at the surface and has been reported to depths of over 1000 ft.

Feeding Habits ~ Tiger sharks are solitary hunters that feed primarily at night as the shark moves further inshore and closer to the surface. Undoubtedly the least discriminative all species, the tiger shark has a reputation as an animal that will eat almost anything. Preferred prey varies depending upon geographical region but commonly includes sea turtles, rays, other sharks, bony fishes, sea birds, dolphins, squid, various crustaceans and carrion. The tiger shark's highly serrated teeth combined with the saw-like action from shaking the head back and forth allows it to tear chunks from much larger marine animals.


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