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Striped Bass illustration

Striped Bass

World Record ~ 78 Lbs. 8 oz. Caught in  Atlantic City, NJ on Sept. 21, 1982 by angler Albert R. McReynolds

Scientific name ~ Morone Saxatilis

Other names ~ Striper, rock, rockfish, Striped Sea Bass, Striper Bass, linesider, squid hound, greenhead

Identification ~ The striper is the largest member of the temperate bass family with a large mouth and a protruding lower jaw. The Striped bass has a more streamlined body then many other bass species. The dorsal fins are separated and the first one has 7 to 12 stiff spines. Body coloration is olive-green to blue-gray on the back, silver to brassy sides and white on the belly. It is easily recognized by the 7 or 8 prominent black horizontal stripes on the sides.

Size ~ Angler caught Stripers are commonly in the 5 to 10 pound range. However they can grow much larger with the occasionally caught striper between 30 and 50 pounds. The freshwater record is 59 pounds and saltwater is over 70 pounds.

Habitat ~ Striped bass are a favorite target fish for anglers in both salt and freshwater. The species has been widely introduced in numerous lakes, rivers and impoundments throughout the world. Stripers prefer relatively clear water with a good supply of open-water and bait fish. Being a predator these bass just love snags and obstructions from which they can ambush their pray. Stripers can also be found in open water usually within shoals hunting and chasing down bait fish.

Feeding Habits ~ Stripers are voracious feeders and consume any kind of small fish and a variety of invertebrates. Preferred foods consist mainly of any abundant small fish such as herring, menhaden, flounder, alewives, silversides, eels, and smelt. The striped Bass also will eat squid, worms, and crabs.


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