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Spearfish picture

How to fish for Spearfish

The Spearfish is the smallest of the billfish. The spearfish is located in the Pacific, Atlantic and the Mediterranean. They are a deep water offshore fish that is not abundant anywhere. When Spearfish feed it is usually at the surface on medium size baitfish such as dolphin, sauries, flyingfish, needlefish, and also squid. The spearfish is usually caught while fishermen are targeting other species. The best fishing spot to target Spearfish seems to be in Kona, Hawaii. Virtually all of the light tackle and fly fishing records for spearfish have been caught off the Kona coast. The average weight of the spearfish caught off Kona is only 40 pounds. 
These elusive fish seem to prefer smaller sized prey, and will tend to pick out the smaller of the lures and baits while trolling. Spearfish will generally hit a bait hard but the fight that ensues may not last long. Many Spearfish battles are over in 15 to 20 minutes. Spearfish are a light tackle billfish. Relatively light graphite offshore tackle in the 20 or 30 lb class provides the greatest level of sport. Most areas of the world require Spearfish to be released.
Trolling dead or live bait such as ballyhoo or mullet, and small to medium lures will all work for Spearfish. Small to medium skirted lures, with either hard or soft heads generally the 6" to 12" range of lures are best suited for Spearfish. Trolling speed can be anywhere between 6 to 12 knots but ensure at all times that the lures are performing at their optimum level.
Dead baits such as chub mackerel, mullet, squid, and ballyhoo are productive. Ballyhoo rigged with a pink or white plastic squid covering the head is a productive method and perhaps the most popular. Trolling a rigged swimming bait can produce hits. 


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