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Spearfish illustration

Longbill Spearfish

World Record ~  127 Lbs. 13 oz. 

Scientific name ~ Tetrapturus Pfluegeri

Other names ~ Long bill spearfish, longnose Spearfish, Atlantic Longbill, slender spearfish

Identification ~ The Spearfish has dark blue on the upper back shading to silvery, white on the belly. The dorsal fin is bluish, others brown-black; two dorsal fins, the first lengthy, its front forming a peak; two anal fins, the anal well in front of the first; upper jaw prolonged into spear. The longbill spearfish can be distinguished from other billfish by its slender lightweight body.

Size ~ The spearfish is believed to only live 3 to 4 years and only matures after 2 years. Catches of the spearfish are the rarest of the billfish. The world record for the longbill is 127 Lbs. 13 oz, record for the Mediterranean spearfish is 90 Lbs. 13oz., and the Florida record is 61 Lbs.

Habitat ~ Spearfish are found in most of the world's fishing grounds, but they are not caught consistently in any of them. Spearfish prefer a temperature range of 70 F to 86 F, but the times of their appearance in most hot spots seem to correspond to the coldest water temperatures of the year. In fact, they are often associated with other colder water billfish such as their close cousins, white and striped marlin. In most of the spearfish's hot spots, anglers often fish what is otherwise known as "the off season". Hawaii seems to offer the best shot at productive spearfishing.

Feeding Habits ~ Spearfish feed near the surface on small fish including dolphin, sauries, flying fish, and needlefish. Squid is also included in spearfish's diet. Due to their small mouths, spearfish are impossible to catch with most of the big baits generally trolled offshore for other billfish.


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