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How to fish for Snook

The Snook inhabits shallow coastal waters, estuaries and brackish lagoons, often found inland in fresh water. The Snooks movements between fresh and salt water are seasonal, but they stay close to shore and never stray far from estuaries. Snook feed on small bait fish such as pinfish, pigfish, croakers, finger mullet, ladyfish, herring, and sardines. The Snooks diet also includes shrimp and crabs. 
Snooks can be caught on either bait or lures. White bucktail jigs, Crystal Minnow, SXR-10, Mirro lure, and Zara spooks are all lures that can entice Snook to bite. Size and color of these lures can depend on area fished. Their favorite food is a small live fish, but live shrimp and small crabs are seldom turned down. Usually you can freeline a bait fish and let it drift with the current. Occasionally a split shot is added to the line in areas where the current is strong. Most Snook caught by sport fishermen are 5 to 8 pounds.
A medium weight spinning or bait-casting rod and reel with 8 to 20 pound test line is a good idea. Snook are strong fighters. When fishing in areas where there is an abundance of cover, stick to tackle at the heavier end of this range. This fish is noted for its ability to run towards submerged structures and cut you off. It is also essential that you use a heavy monofilament leader, in the 40 to 80 pound range, to reduce break-offs caused by the fish cutting the line with their sharp gill covers.
Snook like to rest in an eddy and wait for the moving water to bring them food. For this reason, you will find anglers fishing for Snook where the tidal flow is strong and there are eddies for the fish to use. 


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