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Snook illustration


World Record ~  53 Lbs. 10 oz. Caught at Parismina Ranch, Costa Rica in 1978.

Scientific name ~ Centropomus Undecimalis

Other names ~ Common Snook, linesiders, pike, sergeant fish, snook and thin snook.

Identification ~ Coloration of the common snook is golden yellow and pale yellow pelvic fins. Common snook have a slender body and a distinct lateral line. The dorsal fins are high and divided and the anal spines are relatively short. The common snook has a sloping forehead with a large mouth and a protruding lower jaw.

Size ~ Females are larger than the males and can grow to 4 feet in length and reach 50 pounds. Most angler caught Common Snook are between 18 inches and 30 inches and weigh 5 to 8 pounds.

Habitat ~ Adult Common Snook inhabit many environments including mangrove forests, beaches, river mouths, near shore reefs, salt marshes and sea grass meadows. Common Snook are found in water temperatures between 43 F and 53 F .Common snook are abundant along the Atlantic coast of Florida from Cape Canaveral south through the Keys and Dry Tortugas, and north to Cedar Key on the gulf coast. Common snook occur infrequently along the coast of Texas to Galveston and then more or less continuously south to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Feeding Habits ~ Snook diet consists of  fish, shrimp, crabs and zooplankton.


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