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How to fish for Roosterfish

Roosterfish inhabit the eastern Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California to Peru. The Roosterfish is a inshore species, it is found in the surf, over sandy bottoms, and volcanic rock outcrops, at moderate depths. It feeds on small fish such as mullet and sardines. Roosterfish frequently travel in large schools, chasing baitfish. When hooked or in pursuit of prey it will raise its dorsal fin like a flag and leap repeatedly. Most Roosterfish caught by sport fishermen are mostly in the 10 to 30 pound range but Roosterfish up to 100 pounds have been caught by anglers. Fishing methods are trolling or casting baits and lures, or live bait fishing from a boat or shore.
Slow trolling Rapalas or faster trolled dorado, tuna and wahoo type lures will take Roosterfish as well as belly baits on skirts. Roosterfish can also be caught with slowly trolled mullet, sardines just outside the surf line. Roosters can be taken all year round but they are more commonly caught from November through March.
A very productive and popular method of fishing for Roosterfish is surfcasting. This is usually done with a graphite composite medium to medium-heavy action rod that is 10 to 13 feet long, with a high capacity spinning reel that has a fast retrieve ratio. The spinning reel should be spooled with 300 yds of braided line that's 50 to 65 lb test with a 60 to 80 lb mono leader. Attach the 4 to 6 feet of leader to the mainline with a 100 lb barrel swivel.
When the surf gets big and the Roosterfish can only be reached by casting out 70 to 100 yds use heavy surface lures like Rangers in the 4 to 5 oz. Size. The most affective way to fish Roosterfish in big surf is to cast out as far as you can and then reel in as quickly as possible. It is impossible to reel too fast for these fish. When the fish can be seen working bait very close to shore and the surf is not large, use smaller casting lures such as Crocodiles and Hopkins, the best size being 2 to 3 oz. and in the various chrome color patterns. 


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