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Pink Salmon illustration

Pink Salmon

World Record ~  14 Lbs. 13 oz. Caught at Monroe, WA on Sept. 30, 2001 by angler Alexander Minerich

Scientific name ~ Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha

Other names ~ Humpback Salmon, humpy, fall Salmon, pink humpback

Identification ~ Pink salmon can be distinguished from other Pacific salmon by the presence of large dark oval spots on the back and the entire caudal fin and their general coloration and form. In the sea, pink salmon are steel blue to blue-green on the back, silver on the sides, and white on the belly. Breeding males become dark on the back and red with brownish green blotches on the sides. Breeding females are similar but less distinctly colored. Maturing males also develop a hump on their back.

Size ~ The average angler caught Pink Salmon is 3 to 5 pounds and 20 to 25 inches long. The Pink Salmon Can grow to 15 pounds and 30 inches.

Habitat ~ The Pink Salmons range from the Arctic coast in Alaska and territories in Canada to central California. Pink salmon in their native range have a strict two year life cycle, thus odd and even-year populations do not interbreed. Adult pink salmon enter spawning streams from the ocean, usually returning to the water course, or race, where they originated. Spawning occurs between late June and mid-October. Pink salmon spawn in coastal streams and some longer rivers.

Feeding Habits ~ Pink salmon generally feed on small crustaceans, zooplankton, swimming mollusks, and small fish.


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