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Ling Cod illustration


World Record ~ 76 Lbs 9oz. Caught in the Gulf of Alaska on Aug. 11, 2001 by angler Antwan D. Tinsley

Scientific name ~  Ophiodon Elongatus

Other names ~ Cultus Cod, Blue Cod, Buffalo Cod, Green Cod, Ling

Identification ~ The Lingcod has a large mouth, large pectoral fins, a smooth body, and a long continuous dorsal fin divided by a notch into spiny and soft parts. The Lingcod has a large head and jaws with long pointed teeth. The Lingcod's coloring is usually brown or gray with blotches over the entire body.

Size ~ Lingcod can grow to lengths just over 4 feet. A typical angler caught Lingcod measures 3 feet and under and weighs between 10 and 20 pounds.

Habitat ~ Lingcod's can be found all along the western coast of North America but the greatest abundance occurs in the region off of British Columbia. They generally prefer to inhabit rocky areas or the edge of underwater reefs. They are typically found between 30 and 300 feet.

Feeding Habits ~ Lingcod are voracious predators, feeding on invertebrates and many species of fish, including herring, flounder, greenling, small lingcod and Pacific hake. One of their favorite foods are smaller octopus, and will also rapidly devour large rockfish.

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