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Lake Trout illustration

Lake Trout

World Record ~ 72 Lbs Caught at Great Bear Lake, N.W.T. on Aug. 19, 1995 by angler Lloyd E. Bull

Scientific name ~ Salvelinus Namaycush

Other names ~  Laker, Mackinaw, Gray Trout, Togue, Lake Charr, Great Lakes trout

Identification ~ The Lake Trout has a moderately elongated body with a tail that is forked. Of the Charr family the Lake trout has the tail that is the most forked. The scales are small and the coloration can vary but generally they are grayish to brownish along the back and sides with a white belly. They have white or nearly white spots that extend to the dorsal. Like other Charr the Lake trout has a white or whitish leading edge to all its lower fins. In the Lake trouts mouth there are several rows of teeth.

Size ~ There are Lake trout caught that weigh from 20 to 50 pounds and Lake trout reaching over 80 pounds have been reported. Most anglers will find that their catches of Lake trout will weigh the average of  4 to 10 pounds.

Habitat ~ The Lake trout prefers water temperatures of around 50 F. The lake trout is usually found in the deep waters of still large, deep lakes and reservoirs, inhabiting waters of 60 to 300 feet. Lake trout prefer cruising near the bottom in search of food. Least tolerant of salt water of all the chars. Lake trout have been introduced into many other parts of the world, mainly into Europe but also into South America and certain parts of Asia. Approximately 25 % of the world's lake trout lakes are found in the province of Ontario.

Feeding Habits ~ The Lake trouts diet includes insect larvae, small crustaceans, clams, snails, and leeches. The Lake trout also feeds on many species of fish depending on the location of the lake they inhabit. These fish include whitefish, stickleback, grayling, suckers, cisco, alewives, sculpin, smelt and even young lake trout.

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