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King Mackerel illustration

King Mackerel

World Record ~ 93 Lbs Caught at San Juan, Puerto Rico on Apr. 18, 1999 by angler Steve Perez Graulau

Scientific name ~ Scomberomorus Cavalla

Other names ~ Kingfish , Giant Mackerel

Identification ~ The king mackerel is a silver fish with indistinct bars or spots on its side. The dorsal surface is black with iridescent tones of blue and green. The King Mackerel has a streamlined body that is about five times the size of its head, and about six times as long as it is deep. The entire body is covered with rudimentary scales, except for its pectoral fin. Another distinguishing feature is the sharp drop of the lateral line after the second dorsal fin.

Size ~ The angler caught King Mackerel is usually 2 to 4 feet in length and 10 to 20  pounds.  The King Mackerel can reach 66 inches in length and up to 100 pounds. Females are larger than males.  It is believed that the King Mackerel can live to 14 years.

Habitat ~ The king Mackerel  can be found in outer reefs and coastal waters. They often occur around wrecks, buoys,coral reef, ocean piers, inlets, and any other protrusions in the ocean that attract its prey. They stay in waters 68 deg. F. and above. The King Mackerel is a schooling species that migrates up and down the western Atlantic coast.The King Mackerel is found along the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachussetts to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico.

Feeding Habits ~ King Mackerel feed primarily on small fish. They prefer to feed on schooling fish, but also eat crustaceans and occasionally mollusks. Some of the fish they eat include jack mackerels, snappers, grunts, and halfbeaks. They also eat shrimp and squid. Adult king mackerels mainly eat fish between the sizes of 4 to 6 inches.

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