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Hammerhead Shark picture

How to fish for Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks are strong swimmers and put up a spirited fight when hooked. Most of the fight takes part on top of the water and the sight of your line cutting through the water at great speed, will get your adrenaline pumping. 
Hammerheads are efficient predators and feed on bony fishes, other sharks, crustaceans, and especially stingrays that they can find buried in the sand. Male hammerheads are usually around 6 feet long and very aggressive. Female hammerheads get even larger and can reach 10 feet or longer in size.
The best way to target Hammerhead sharks is to start a chum line consisting ground up fish such as sardines and anchovies. You can do this while anchored or trolling. As you notice a oily slick behind the boat drift bait consisting of pilchard, flatfish, squid, sardines, or jacks hooked with a no 8/0 or 10/0 circle hook on a steel leader of 3 feet in length. Use a small weight to bring the bait down no more then 15 feet below the surface. 
Hammerhead sharks require big heavy action rods with big game saltwater reels like the 50 to 80 Penn internationals. The size and amount of fishing line you need is dependant on the size of Hammerhead Sharks in your area. 50 to 80 lb. test and 400 to 500 yds. are probably a good place to start for the average angler caught Hammerhead Shark.


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