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Great White Shark picture

How to fish for Great White Sharks

Trophy fishing for large sharks was in vogue for decades. In former years, avid fishermen caught Great White sharks not only for personal glory but for the tremendous battle these huge Great whites would give. As trophy hunting for Great White Sharks is illegal now in many parts of the world, almost all of the Great White sharks that are caught are tagged and released as, in my opinion, they should be.
The Great White Shark is an opportunist feeder and will rarely turn away a free meal. The Great White has been observed feeding on whale carcasses, dolphins, and other dead mammals and large fish floating at the surface. Its diet includes fish, squid and other sharks as well as sea turtles, seals, and sea lions. The Great White Sharks are considered to be primarily daytime feeders.
Fishing methods include trolling through a chum slick with large fish chunks. Baits include tuna, snapper, mullet and other fishes, especially those that are oily. Heavy tackle is required for these large sharks with a steel leader. When fishing for Great Whites you should only use a shark release rig. These rigs are 6 feet of 485 lb test fishing wire braided cable, with a 600lb Roscoe swivel, double crimped and heat shrink wrapped over crimps. You can buy it with a heavy duty vinyl Mackerel skirt,which adds attraction to your baits. An offset Mustad hook with welded eye is designed to rust out after you cut off your leader to release the shark.

Remember to check your local fishing regulations as the Great White Shark is illegal to target or retain in some areas and in others only retention is illegal.


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