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Florida Pompano illustration

Florida Pompano

World Record ~ 8 Lbs. 1 oz. Caught in Florida (angler unavailable)

Scientific name ~ Trachinotus carolinus

Other names ~  Florida Pompano, common Pompano, Atlantic pompano

Identification ~  The body profile is relatively short, deep, and moderately compressed. Color is typically blue to greenish dorsally, fading to silver laterally, with the ventral surface tending to be silvery to yellow in color. There are no visible vertical bars on sides. Fins are dusky or yellowish in color, particularly the anal fin. The tail fin is deeply forked. The head profile slopes to a blunt snout, with the mouth somewhat inferior

Size ~  The adult Florida Pompano can range from 17 - 25 inches in length. The angler caught Florida Pompano is usually 3 lbs or less. Florida Pompano rarely grow more than 6 Lbs.

Habitat ~ Despite its name, the Florida Pompano's range extends from Massachusetts to Brazil, although the species is more common south of Virginia and the Gulf of Mexico. It occurs irregularly in the West Indies. Adults are found along sandy beaches, in high-salinity estuaries, and in shallow coastal waters out to a depth of approximately 130 feet. Large schools tend to migrate northward along the Atlantic coast in the summer and south in the fall, thus remaining in relatively warm waters.

Feeding Habits ~ The Florida Pompano feeds on mollusks and crustaceans, especially sand fleas, and small fish.


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