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Dorado mahi mahi picture

How to fish for Dorado (Mahi Mahi)

Catching Dorado (also known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin) is one of the finer moments of offshore fishing. When you hook a Dorado, you can usually expect a good fight with lots of acrobatics and long runs. These ocean wanderers cluster around floating pieces of debris, sargassum and any other objects like driftwood floating around the ocean surface. They can also be found along weed lines where two currents meet. If there is no obvious objects or weed lines look to the skies for diving birds. This usually indicates a bait ball and there can be Dorado in that area.
Dolphin fishing is more fun on light tackle. The majority of Dorado ( Dolphin, Mahi Mahi) caught are under 20 pounds. Fishing with 20 to 25 pound tackle is light enough to still give you a challenge with the 10 to 20 pound Dorado and if the occasional big bull Dolphin gets hooked it can still be caught on this light tackle. Just make sure the reel holds several hundred yards of line as Dorado (Mahi Mahi, Dolphin) can make long hard runs.
You can catch Dorado by trolling Mullet, Mackerel or Squid. Trolling strip baits, often in combination with plastic squid. Trolling smaller lures, konaheads, minnows and poppers. If you know fish are in the area, but not biting change your trolling speed. Faster is normally better in a slow bite, slower more effective in a good bite
Their curiosity also attracts their schools to boats, which often results in multiple hookups. Other successful fishing methods include drifting with small live bait such as ballyhoo, anchovies or sardines, often while chumming. Also casting lures or fly fishing with such flies as the Deceiver, Blue Mackerel, Olive Sardina, Epoxy Head Anchovy, or a K.T.'s Squid.


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