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Dolly Varden illustration

Dolly Varden

World Record ~ 20 Lbs. 14 oz. Caught at Wulik River, AK on July 7, 2001 by angler Raz Reid

Scientific name ~ Salvelinus Malma

Other names ~ Dolly, Dolly Varden Charr, Dolly Varden

Identification ~ The sea-run fish are silvery with an olive-green to brown color on the back and numerous red to orange spots on their sides. Young Dolly Varden have about eight to ten wide, dark parr marks or oval blotches which contrast with the mottled olive-brown color of their body. The mature males become brilliant red on the lower body surface and the lower fins become reddish-black with white along the leading edges. Mature females are similar but are less brightly colored.

Size ~ Adult Dolly Varden that remain in fresh water are usually between 12 to 18 inches long , Sea run Dolly Varden can be larger and are usually between 18 to 24 inches.

Habitat ~ Dolly Varden do best in streams and rivers that have cool (50F to 55 F) clear moving waters, with gravel bottoms. Dolly Varden often remain on the bottom, hidden from view under stones and logs, or in undercut areas along the stream bank, and appear to select most of their food from the stream bottom.

Feeding Habits ~ Dolly Varden eat mainly small fish and fish eggs also insects and insect larvae. They often can been found feeding behind migrating salmon, eating their eggs.

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