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Carp illustration


World Record ~ 75 Lbs. 11 oz.Caught at St. Cassien, France on May 21, 1987 by angler Leo van der Gugten

Scientific name ~ Cyprinus Carpio

Other names ~ European Carp, French Carp, Italian Carp, German Carp, Israeli Carp, Mirror Carp, King Carp, Koi, Leather Carp

Identification ~ The Common Carp has a head that is short with a rounded snout. There are two barbels on each side of the mouth. The Common Carp has a body that is robust, deep and thick, and arched toward the dorsal fin. The tail fin is forked and is often a "reddish" color. The Common Carp's back is olive-brown to reddish brown, with the sides becoming silvery-bronze, brassy, or olive-gold. The belly is yellow or yellow-white. Most carp are bronze-gold to golden yellow on the sides and yellowish white on the belly. Lower fins are often reddish. Carp have a thick leathery appearance. 

Size ~ Carp are the largest member of the minnow family and grow quickly. Carp generally grow to about 30 inches and 10 to 15 pounds, but they can weigh up to 80 pounds.

Habitat ~ This hardy fish is able to tolerate a broad range of conditions, but fares best in large bodies of fresh water with slow-flowing or still water, with soft muddy sediments. It is primarily a bottom dweller.

Feeding Habits ~ The Common Carp feeds on crustaceans, insects, worms, aquatic plants, algae and seeds. Its feeding technique, of grubbing around in the sediment and straining food from the mud, has caused problems in areas where the carp has been introduced. As well as uprooting submerged vegetation, it also increases the cloudiness of the water, which can have detrimental effects on native wildlife.

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