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Blue Marlin illustration

Blue Marlin

World Record ~ Pacific ~ 1376 Lbs Caught at Kaaiwi Point, Kona, HI on May 31, 1982 by angler Jay W. deBeaubien

Atlantic ~ 1402 Lbs 2 oz. Caught at Vitoria, Brazil Feb. 29, 1992 by angler Paulo R.A. Amorim

Scientific name ~ Pacific Makaira Mazara Atlantic ~ Makaira Nigricans

Other names ~ Pacific Blue Marlin, Atlantic Blue Marlin, Billfish, Cuban Black Marlin, Marlin

Identification ~ The back of the Blue Marlin is dark blue and the flanks and the belly are silvery white. There may be light blue or lavender vertical stripes on the sides. These usually fade away soon after death.The blue marlin is the largest billfish. The upper jaw forms a large bill. The body is cylindrical from anal fin forward. Two dorsal fins are present; the first dorsal fin is high and slopes steeply posteriorly, while the second is small.The Blue Marlin is one of the foremost game fish in the world. It has exceptional strength and power, a very aggressive fighter with long hard runs.

Size ~ The blue marlin can reach a length of 14 feet and a weight of one ton . Females are generally much larger than males. IGFA lists separate records for Atlantic and Pacific blue marlin.

Habitat ~ The blue marlin is found primarily in the temperate and tropical regions of the Ocean. The blue marlin occurs mostly from about 44 N to 30S. Occurring offshore in blue oceanic waters, the blue marlin prefers to stay in the warm waters near the surface, above the thermoline. They follow the seasonal water temperature changes, being closely tied to these warm waters. They are found in ocean waters great distances from the continents as well as coastal regions near deep waters.

Feeding Habits ~ The blue marlin is capable of consuming prey of relatively large proportions. Primarily near-surface pelagic fishes such as mackerels, tunas, and dolphin fishes are preyed upon by the blue marlin. Squids, and the occasional deep sea fish have been noted in the stomachs of blue marlin.    

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