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Blackfin Tuna illustration

Blackfin Tuna

World Record ~ 45 Lbs 8oz. Caught in Key West, FL on May 4, 1996. The angler was Sam J. Burnett.

Scientific name ~  Thunnus Atlanticus

Other names ~  Bermuda Tuna, Blackfinned Tuna, tunny, Blackfinned Albacore

Identification ~ The Blackfin Tuna has a bluish-black back with gray to silver sides and a white belly. As one of the smaller tuna species, the Blackfin Tuna has a robust, fusiform body, with small, compact scales completely covering the body. Pectoral fins are moderately long, reaching below the origin of the second dorsal fin. There are separate finlets located behind the anal and dorsal fins.

Size ~ Blackfin Tuna can reach a  size of 40 inches in length and 46 pounds in weight. The Blackfin Tuna caught  by sport fishermen have an average size of approximately 19 to 28 inches, and a weight ranging from 7 to 30 pounds. The Blackfin Tuna may live past 5 years of age.

Habitat ~ Highly migratory species. Found in tropical and temperate oceanic waters sometimes not far from the coast. They are found in the western Atlantic from Brazil  to Cape Cod. They form large mixed schools with the skipjack tuna. Its spawning grounds are located well offshore.

Feeding Habits ~ Various fish, squid, shrimp, and crabs form the diet of the Blackfin tuna. It often feeds in surface waters where they form large mixed schools with Skipjack Tuna.  

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