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Barracuda illustration


World Record ~ 85 Lbs Caught at Christmas Is., Rep. of Kiribati on Apr. 11, 1992 by fisherman John W. Helfrich

Scientific name ~ Sphyraena Barracuda

Other names ~ Cuda, Sea Pike, Great Barracuda, Kaku, Kupala

Identification ~ The Barracuda has a long slender body with a large pointed head and large eyes. The dorsal fins are widely separated and the first dorsal has 5 spines. The second dorsal has 10 soft rays. The Barracuda has large canine teeth with a lower jaw that protrudes past the upper jaw. It has a bluish or greenish gray upper body above the lateral line with a silver, white belly. Barracuda have irregular black spots scattered on their sides more towards the tail. The great Barracuda can have diagonal bars on their back. The Great Barracuda is larger than its relative the Pacific Barracuda.

Size ~ The Great Barracuda can grow to more than 6 feet. Most Great Barracuda caught by sport fishermen are between 5 and 20 pounds. The world record is 85 Lbs. The Pacific Barracuda rarely grows more than 4 feet and most caught by sport fishermen are 10 pounds or under.

Habitat ~ Barracuda range from inshore channels and sea grass beds to open ocean. In the summer they prefer shallow, inshore areas and move offshore in the fall and winter. They like to hang around objects like wrecks, piers, and reefs. The sport fishermen caught Barracuda is usually taken from the waters around Florida, the Bahamas, and the West Indies.

Feeding Habits ~ Barracuda feed by sight and are sometimes opportunists feeding on whatever is available in its habitat. They are attracted to shiny flashes and movement. Common fish that they feed on are needlefish, small jacks, and mullet.

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