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albacore tuna illustration

Albacore Tuna

World Record ~ 88Lbs 2oz.  Caught in the Canary Islands Nov. 19, 1977 By Siegfried Dickemann

Scientific name ~ Thunnus Alalunga

Other names ~ Longfin Tuna, long finned Tunny, Longfin, Albie, True Albacore, Ahi Pahala

Identification ~ The Albacore has a long pectoral fins that reach to a point beyond the anal fin. They have small finlets that are on the back and the belly that are located between the anal fin and the tail. The albacore is dark blue to greenish blue along the back and is silvery white along the belly. The dorsal fins are yellowish.

Size ~ The average weight for an Albacore Tuna is between 10 Lbs and 25 Lbs. They can grow to 5 feet in length.

Habitat ~ Albacore Tuna favor tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters from 60F to 66F. The albacore prefers deep, wide open waters. It is a schooling, migratory fish that feeds in the open waters. Albacore tuna spawn between July and October along the west coast of North America and in the mid Pacific Ocean in the southern hemisphere during the summer months.

Feeding Habits ~ The Albacore's diet consists of fish, squid, and crustaceans. The Albacore feeds in schools which can include members of other Tuna families. They can be found around floating objects such as sargassum. Albacore feed from the middle depths to the surface but feed more at the surface than at depths.

The Albacore is a excellent light tackle gamefish.

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